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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 19, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. thanks nor joining us on this sunday, may 19th. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a first look whether are meteorologist lisa argen. >> we're cloud free. we are going to see a warmup today. 50 in santa rosa, 48 in napa right now, 53 livermore, low 50s union city and los gatos at 49 degrees. of course, bay to breakers this morning. temperatures at 7:00 will be in the mid-50s. skies will remain sunny. by 9:00 60 degrees. 11:00 numbers in the mid-60s with mild weather and very little wind and by 1:00 we are approaching near 70 degrees
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downtown san francisco. looking gorgeous today. hotter weather on the way tomorrow. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. breaking news overnights. san francisco firefighters worked to contain a two alarm blaze in the mission district. it broke out inside a three story apartment building on valencia between 16th and 17th streets around 1:30 this morning. blaze destroyed several units in the apartment. no injuries have been reported and a cause has not yet been determined. ready, set, get ready toss, the wacky san francisco tradition known at bay to breakers kicks off in a couple hours. it's the 102nd annual running of the race. the race will start downtown at main and howard and cross over the hay street hill over golden gate park and finish along the great highway. the race will mean several street closers coyou can expect
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major gridlock until early afternoon. bart is starting service early to bring runners to the starting line and muni is running special express service before and after the race. we have all the information on our website. just click on see it on tv. today marks the tragic anniversary. san francisco police homicide inspectors need help solving a murder that occurred after last year's by to breaker. a 34-year-old man was severely beaten at the baseball game. he was suckerpunched and had hit his head on the pavement, suffering a severe brain injury. he never regained consciousness and died in the hospital on june 7th. police later released this video from may 20th. it was the east end of the park where the beat occurred.
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he argued with men who were wearing 49er jerseys before he was punched. investigators also think photos taken in that area might help them identify the suspect. there is a second major event taking place in san francisco this morning. the final leg of cyclings amgen's tour of california. stage 8 starts at 8:15 this morning in san francisco, ending in santa rosa. the 81-mile court begins at the marina green, crosses the golden gate bridge, passes through south solito, goes up the coast along highway one. they expect the largest finish ever at the finish line in santa rosa. during yesterday's race there was a bomb square in downtown livermore. a southern california pack knowledge a babe else left unattended. a three block area was evacuated. a vender came forward to claim the package and its harmless contents. a chp motorcycle officer
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escorting the amgen race is hospitalized this morning after colliding with a car in brentwood. the driver of the car tried to make a u-turn on march creek road. it happened around 1:30 yesterday afternoon. the chp officer was airlifted to the medical center in walnut creek. >> this morning there is a cry for help for people displayed by fire from their apartment unit. at least 26 people had to leave in such a hurry they had no chance to take anything, not even a change of clothing. the salvation army is providing temporary shelter but is asking people to donate clothing and gift cards. this morning's group, occupy the farm, is back on a piece of farm in albany. police tore down tape at the gill tract yesterday and began weeding and selling vegetables. even though caltrain approved the land for development, they say that's not the point. >> this is not albany land, it's
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university of california farm and it should be turned into a farm because that's the best interests of california. >> we only hope they believe on their own volition. >> that was a u.c. berkeley's spokesperson. last saturday occupy the farm did the same thing and last monday four people were arrested and the planting was bulldozed. i think we have to resist this attempt to criminalize an illegal immigrant tree. it doesn't work. >> another protest against the university of california. neighbors having their say about a plan to remove thousands of nonnative trees from the east bay hills. u.c. berkeley is seeking federal funds to cut down $22,000 eucalyptus and other trees. the stages in the final stages of an environmental impact review. the university wants to replace
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the trees with native species to lessen the fire danger. here's lisa argen with a preview of today's weather forecast. >> we are already much warmer today than yesterday morning. almost 14 degrees warmer. nice and clear. the official run -- sunrise 5:56. we will talk about the hottest day of the week coming up. >> thank you. first there were cracks and now erosion. new issues with the eastern span of the bay bridge. plus, the hour ball ticket worth millions sold right here in the bay area. is it yours? we will have yesterday's winning numbers af
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>> welcome back, everyone. good morning to you. it is 5:09 on this sunday morning. we are showing you a live look from the new exploratorium cam. showing you a bit of the bay bridge there in the background and the bay. a really toasty day on tap. lisa argen will be along with the full accuweather forecast coming up. knew this morning, questions
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about corrosion still playing the new bay bridge span. they are reporting caltran first discovered corrosion back on portions of the bridge in 2006. caltrain reported they were not properly sealed. they studied hundreds of tendons but found little corrosion and then moved on. they just consulted nine outside engineers who looked at the paper and they said caltrain based their conclusion on wrong information and underestimated how long the steal tendons were left vulnerable. they are warning if they miscalculated. the new bay bridge could be still crippled by a earthquake. there is one winning ticket in the power ball history. $595 million. it was not sold in california. it was sold at a supermarket in center hills, 1/2. a florida lottery executive says more details will be released
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later. there were two tickets in california that got five numbers but missed the power ball. the lottery is still calculating they're worth. one was sold at this san jose 711 store on the express way. >> is this like a usual lotto kind of thing for you, you come and get a snack and tickets. >> oh, yes. it's a little celebration and hopefully i get a little luck. >> so once again, this 711 is the bay area's lucky spot with a five for five winning text but missed the big jackpot by just one power ball. is it yours? here are the winning numbers. 10, 13, 14, 22, 52. the power ball is 11. there's a restaurant in bowling game that's decided to stop selling a very rare and controversial dish, lion meat, after facing protest. they feature exotic meat on their menu. he decided to try it out this
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week. he purchased a portion of farm-raised african lion meat from a company in illinois. after posting it on facebook people flooded the page with angry comments. the owner said he received over 200 calls yesterday. some were threatening. >> some were nice but others said, okay, stop selling lion meat but others say i am going to come and rape you and kill you. >> well, serving lion is not illegal. it's on the threatened list, notten dang ehrhoffed list. there are an estimated 23,000 lions in the wild. but others say it could develop a taste for the meat by could boost the danger of it in africa. will the white house fix what's broken? george stephanopoulos and the powerhouse round table take it
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all on. don't miss abc's" this week "coming up here on abc7. a new treatment could elive crete back pain for thousands of patients. it's aimed not at the disk but not area that can be a common root of back pain. health and science reporter carolyn johnson has the story. there you know. that's what i want to see. >> it's been a long and painful road to recovery from jason gamble, the former redwood city police officer was breaking up a late night fight when his back became a casualty. >> i had a situation where i got into a dust with an individual who didn't want to be arrested. and i felt a pop in my back. >> that pop resulted in back surgery to treat the original injury to his disk but as his body compensated because of the pain he ultimately developed an excruciating condition similar to sky at kau.
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>> it was awful. i couldn't sit down more than five minutes. >> the doctor traced his pain to the sacro iliac giants. he recommended a new procedure known as i-fuse. uses implants constructed from titanium. >> it's been in hip replacements but now it's applied to the point of the pelvis where it's never been applied before. >> as thecedure begins the doctor uses multiple x-rays to align temporary metal rods that will guide the hollow titanium implants into place in the pelvis visnovsky. a monitor monitors the surrounding nerves to make sure there is no contact. >> we need to place them across the giants. >> once the rods are set he passes the triangle-shaped implants into place. as seen in the animation provided by the manufacturer,
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three individual implants will ultimately stablize the joint, relieving pressure on the nerve. finally the team makes one last check to make sure there is no contact with any surrounding nerves. about half the patients are able to return home the same day, and others require several days in the hospital for the initial recovery. the goal is to enable a patient to pretty much forget about it. because the best joint is the free joint. >> for jason the surgery has been followed by an intense regimen. physical therapy, but the results, he says, has been life-changing. >> it's been fantastic. no painism know it's early, but my quality of life, that's the first thing i noticed immediately. >> carolyn johnson, abc7 news. >> people in need of free dental work get another chance later today in san jose. a two-day free clinic at the convention center began at five yesterday morning and there were already hundreds of people in
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line. about 800 dentists, high generalists and assistants from all over the state, volunteers with the c association, are providing free services. clinic is he is south hall of the san francisco convention center at 150 carlos street. doors opened a few minutes ago at 5:00 this morning. lisa argen is here now talking about a warmup. >> yes. a warmup that's going to last just a couple days. kind of like last weekend. we are starting out with clear conditions. that's a good indication. low clouds and fog deck is not with us, and as a result the gusty winds this afternoon not coming out of the west. but we will seattle northwest wind. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. you will notice it's clear. the sweep on top of mount st. helena and a little bit in the way of low cloudiness but that's down along the central coast. here's a live look from the sutro camera. you see how beautiful it looks
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with 35, 40 minutes until the official sunrise. right now 53 san francisco, 52 oakland, good morning mountain view. 56, low 50s in san jose with upper 40s in santa cruz. we are much milder this morning and that also going to aid in our warmup. so we've got the warmer air mass. a wind component that's going to aid into a quick warmup and no fog to speak of. our exploratorium camera, upper 40s santa rosa. napa 38 degrees. fairfield, 53 for you. low 50s in union city as well as livermore. los gatos in the upper 40s. here's the forecast highlights. mostly clear this morning. that's a switch from yesterday. we will look for the warm temperatures today and tomorrow before the cooler days begin on tuesday. that's going to take us through much of the up coming work week. we are talking about once again a pretty dramatic cool down as we get the wind shift into tuesday. so right now from 24 hours ago, we were really chilly.
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in fact we were in the upper 30s in parts of north bay. this morning we are warmer everywhere, especially in the north bay, except along the coast. anywhere from five degrees warmer in mountain view, eleven degrees of warming in santa rosa. with the win component very light right now and out of the north throughout the evening hours, we are going to look at temperatures come up quickly and not lose lot of that heat tonight. that's going to aid in more warming for your monday afternoon. here's a look at the win profile. very light winds right now. as we go through the next several days in san jose, take a look. today we are forecasting highs in the low 80s. this is tomorrow. 87 degrees. by tuesday a big drop. look what happens on wednesday, thursday, friday. not making to 70 degrees. it will take until next weekend when we recover. so enjoy the warmth, but also be careful. looking at high fire danger. as the high builds in the winds will pick up, the higher
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elevation of the north bay and east bay, perhaps 40 miles an hour. parts of lake county and mt. diablo. keep that in mind. we don't have a high fire danger or watches from the national weather service but always a good idea to take care as the winds ever acting favorably for the light offshore flow. high temperatures across the state, yeah, really hot. almost 90 sacramento. 87 fresno but a cool 6 a in monterey. upper 80s in chico and upper 70s los angeles. 81 yosemite and paul springs 99. in santa clara, the south bay, 82. 677 redwood city. 62 pacifica u know where to go if you want to cool off. 84 santa rosa. near east bay plenty of mid-70s. a nice afternoon. breezy late in the day. and head inland look for 80 san ramon with mid-and upper 80s, perhaps a 90 not out of
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the question antioch and brentwood. if you are headed to the a's game this afternoon, what a day. low 70s to start out, upper 70s later. here's the outlook. talking about more warmth today. the warmest temperatures tomorrow. big cool down tuesday. takes us through the middle of the week with partly cloudy skies and still really kind of tempered by next weekend. abc weather news is another great resource for you to follow. catch us on twitter for the bay area weather conditions, rain or shown and plus much more from your favorite weather team. >> so a little hot for the bay to breakers runners. i guess not the elite once or the serious that get off and get going around 7:00 this morning. >> it's really nice right now. mid-50s for the next couple hours. >> thank you, lisa. up next, a bay area musician recovers an instrument he lost 35 years ago. there is quite a story behind this stolen base guitar.
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>> new video out of russia of a dramatic emergency landing. the landing gear on this flight to moscow caught on fire. passengers had to escape using the overhead exits and slides.
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they quickly doused the flames before they grew. none of the passengers or crew on the boeing 737 have been hurt. plane was sent off for remare. >> anyone who owns a musical instrument will tell you it can be quite personal. i'm told a good instrument possesses it's owner and vice versa. but as wayne freedman learned, sometimes it takes a while. >> they say a man's home is his castle. what they don't tell you is after he gets married his wife takes over and he's lucky to have one room left. by that standard, pete sears of san rafael is like the rest of us. a guy in a room surrounded by sentimental stuff. >> this is my room and that's why it's such a mess. >> but he will never throw any of it away. especially with base guitar because it's old and new and storied. >> if this guitar could talk? >> oh, god. >> you might remember pete sears
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from 1978 in a little band called the jefferson star ship. that june they played a concert in germany, or they planned to, anyway, until gray slick got sick and the crowd rioted. >> you see the various shots here of a bit later on. >> a melee from which the brand new guitar was stolen. a loss because the dragon, as they called it, had a pedigree. >> this wood is the same. the guitar is made from the same tree that jerry garcia's guitar. >> the detail of the guitar is exquisite. the in lays there are silver, but they faded through the years. you look carefully at the eyes of the dragon, they glow. >> it takes you back to that era. >> all because three weeks ago a musician in his closet to a strange instrument he bought from a musician many years later.
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he tracked down the man who made it and after the cash changed hands, the circle closed. almost, anyway. because there is one other twist to the dragon. that day of the riot in 1978 would have been the dragon's first time on stage. it never happened until last week. ♪ >> that's pete sears on stage at bottle rock in napa. a debut 35 years delayed. >> an old friend. >> another story for that one room in castle. from san rafael, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> much more to come in our next half-hour, including president obama's latest trip here in the bay area. when he's going to be in town and who is on the guest list to see him. also, their season may be over, but the celebrations live on. the city inviting warriors fans over for a job well done party. >> plus, we are just an hour and a half away from the start of bay to breakers.
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i'm live from about a block away from the start of the race. the 12k is the quintessential san francisco experience. coming up, i'll tell what you makes it so difference. if you are coming down the watch, what you can expect
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>> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the whether
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with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. good morning to you. you see the clear sky behind you and that's the way we start bay to breakers. it's 57 degrees. at 7:00 numbers should be in the mid-50s under clear conditions. 9:00, 60 degrees with more sunshine. nice and mild by 11:00 with numbers in the mid-60s. we are climbing through the 60s today with a light northwest wind with an afternoon high in the upper 60s. so it should be even warmer than yesterday. we will say fog-free. a light sea breeze late but then the winds shift to a more northerly component and we are looking at gusty winds late tonight. around the bay mid-and upper 70s. look for the 60s to stay at our beaches. comfortable there with more sunshine. inland we are warming up with highs from the low 80s to perhaps a few lower 90s. we will detail the other hot day we have on on tap for the work k coming up. >> thank you. 30,000 runners, perhaps twice
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that many spectators, are pouring into san francisco this morning for the bay to breakers footrace. 1902nd annual running. it has a more serious aspect. kira klapper joins us live near the starting point. kira, we are talking about the beefed-up security this time around? >> beefed-up security indeed. good morning. we're are a block from the start to bay to breakers. there are cameras added now to the start line and the finish line. that is new this morning. as you can imagine, security is of the utmost important. this is the first major event san francisco has put on since the boston marathon last month. abc7 news was there last night as security was being beefed-up. they were putting up more barricades along the course of the 12k race. there are added security measures like backpacks, bags larger than 8.5 by 11 by 4 inches are now banned.
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people who hop the fence and try to get into the race, we know hundreds and thousands do that each year. if you don't have a bid number this year you will be taken out of the race. annual spectators may be a little upset about that, but they are glad will a lighthearted addition. more porta pot tis. >> the bathrooms here got pretty gross and it wasn't fun. >> another change, if you are interested, the costume contest moved this year to the finish line on the great highway. back to the serious, more important issues. 17 law enforcement agencies, including the fbi, are joining forces to keep the course safe today. bomb technicians and k9 units are along the court and there are cameras along the entire course. bay to breakers is presented by craigslist for the first time this year. craigslist will reimburse the
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cost of all the law enforcement added today. the elite racers take off about a block behind us at 7:00 this morning. they are expected to finish at ocean beach just 30 minutes. we, of course, will try to maneuver the city. lots of streets are closed and we will try to get that finish as it happened. reporting live in san francisco, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> still quite a fun event. thank you, sierra. on tuesday we find out whether super bowl 50 will be played in the bay area or south florida. so far it's widely believed that many owners have decided with the 2016 game being played at the 49ers new stadium in santa clara. but the team owners don't actually cast their votes until tuesday when all 32 of them meet in boston. even miami officials hold little hope of winning the bid after the florida state legislature failed to approve fund to go update their aging stadium.
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on tuesday the city of san francisco will declare it golden state warriors day. they will celebrate their winning season and playoff run. not only will the mayor declare that, steph kuroda will receive the key to the city. event starts at 11:30 at city hall. it is free and open to the public. president obama is coming to the bay area next month for another fundraiser. this one will focus on technology. the president will attend a reception and dinner on june 6th on the peninsula. the reception will be at the home of cofounder of flip board, mike macdougal hu. there will be a dinner also. he's a founder of microsystems. this morning the turkish prime minister is in san francisco after meeting with president obama earlier this week. the prime minister is staying at the st. regis. our camera caught part of his entourage last night outside the
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hotel. turkish media is reporting the rhyme minister met with tech companies in silicon valley and a turkish-american group this weekend in the city. still ahead, she's the woman owe oprah winfrey called her all-time favorite guest. i'll introduce her to her. and the amazing feat she's accomplished. and today is going to be quite the warm one. inland areas getting unas high as 90 degrees. lisa argen will have your forecast in just
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>> welcome back, it's 5:38 on this sunday morning. thanks authority waking up so early to join us on the abc7 sunday morning news. we have a live look from our roof cam showing you the ferry building. a little more traffic than normal. possibly because people are pouring into town to watch bay to breakers, which kicks off at 7:00. also the amgen cycling tour is in the city today. if you are around, be sure to be patient and wear your sunscreen. it's going to be nice and warm this morning. lisa argen along shortly with a full accuweather forecast. knew this morning, antioch is struggling to keep its public
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marina afloat. our media partner reports state finance officials won't allow the city to transfer nearly $800,000 from their resolved redevelopment money for the fun. without the money they say the economic recovery will be further delayed. they are still working with the state to try to resolve this dispute. the woman oprah winfrey called her all-time guest is about to become a u.c. berkeley graduate. >> of the thousands of students graduating from cal, no one has a story like hers. tara was forced to marry when she was just 11 years old in zimbabwe. >> by 18 i already had three children without a ged but i wanted an education more than anything. >> these now a 52-year-old mother of six. against all odds, including commuting three days a week from
5:40 am
salinas, she has more than achieved her goal. she already has two bachelors degrees, a ph.d. and a masters from other schools. this masters in epidemiology at u.c. berkeley is a dream. >> i knew if i get this education, i'll be able to give back to my own community. >> she already started on that path when she came to oprah's attention two years ago. the talk show host gave her more than a million dollars to build schools in zimbabwe. >> to see these kids going to school. i mean, -- >> something you wanted as a girl? >> it's something i wanted. >> her children's father died of a's. they will make a.i.d.s. education a priority in a country devastated by the
5:41 am
disease. >> in my relation it's called healing the universe. >> in her native zimbabwe, they have another expression. >> my mother said, you know the culture we have, if you bury your dreams, they will always call you back. >> her dreams have called you back home. she heads to zimbabwe right after graduation. >> lisa, it made me feel like a slacker. this woman with four degrees. >> so well-spoken. good for her, so great. we are waking up to clear skies, temperatures in the low 50s. we will look at more warming today as a light offshore flow gets underway. here's a look from tam, looks a also hazy but we are talking about more 80s in the north bay. your forecast come up. >> thank you, lisa. ladies, why your makeup may need a cleanup. michael
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>> this is a good time of year to freshen up your makeup for both beauty and health. 7 on your side's michael finney explains how your cosmetics could be putting you at risk. >> this is the new koss met ex-boutique in san francisco. this is editor. >> it's important you change your products every three months. >> the thinking goes you want to be in on the latest colors and styles, but beyond that you want to protect yourself against infections. >> things happen to get gross and disgusting. it's born you take good care of yourself by taking care of your makeup case. >> she is letting us go through her makeup case and she's not
5:45 am
gentle. >> first, wash your makeup case. let's see what you have going on in here. you have some dirt old brushes, mascara that probably needs an update. >> her first issue is with the mascara. she said mascara should be thrown away after three months. >> you can see the end, it looks dried up. >> makeup brushes can hang around longer but need to be cleaned regularly. >> i keep a simple eye makeup remover in my bag to clean up any mistakes you make and clean up your brushes quickly and easily between washes. >> the makeup will apply easier and it's more healthy. with the bag cleaned up, nols starts filling it up again with the latest colors and styles. she begins with an all-in-one product. >> this is one of my favorites. i'm loving the support color for the spring. and eye shadow, this is a big
5:46 am
moment. >> i love that color. >> mint is around everywhere now. >> cement everywhere. you don't have to do mint that's more easter, you can to it in a more subtle way. >> she said for lips it's all berry this season but there are a variety of colors. she said think cheerful. i'm michael finney, 7 to are your side. >> i wonder how michael plans to put that knowledge to work? [laughter] >> the two of us know something about that. >> hopefully not mike. >> we are starting out with the hughes of -- with the hues of pink and berry. but the next couple days temperatures will be well above normal with an offshore flow getting underway later on today. here's a look at live doppler
5:47 am
7hd. it's nice and clear atop mount st. helena. nothing being picked up. what a gorgeous shot. this is sutro. low 50s from san francisco, oakland and san jose this morning with a few mid-40s around half moon bay. upper 40s santa cruz. so the bay bridge also crystal clear. looking at very little wind. by the afternoon some winds across the bay out of the northwest. and then they will be switching out to the light northeast. but higher elevations will remain gusty. 53 fairfield, as well as union city with upper 40s in los gatos as well as santa rosa and napa. but what a chang from yesterday when we started out with chillier numbers and the fog. we are going to have to wait about 48 hours until we see a return to the low clouds. mostly clear this morning with even warmer conditions today, tomorrow, and the cooling trend starting tuesday. dropping temperatures as much as ten degrees as we get into the middle of the work week. here's a look at where we are this morning compared to yesterday.
5:48 am
look at that. 11 degrees warmer. santa rosa and napa. lots of stars out there with five degrees warming, mountain view and san jose. but with the official sunrise just five, six minutes away, you can see already dawn is upon us with high pressure building on in. we have the gusty winds across the bay and just along the coast today late in the day. but overall there will be lighter winds and as the high continues to move into the actually the area of low pressure moving into the great basin, that will bring the slight offshore component. with that we are looking at lake county, parts of the east bay hills. wind gusts to up to 40 miles an hour. so definitely a high fire danger throughout much of the day today, tomorrow. the on shore component takes over on tuesday with the relative humidity coming up. much better news. 77 sunnyvale with upper 70s for super tino and on the peninsula more upper 70s. perhaps an 80 degrees not out of
5:49 am
the question. low 60s at the coast. that's the light northwest winds throughout the afternoon. san francisco climbing to near 70 degrees at about 1:00, 2:00, and then the sea breeze should kick in. 2 daly city. north bay numbers from the low 70s. mid-80s in cloverdale n the east bay plenty of 70s. closer to the water mid-70s with a breeze in the afternoon. 78 fremont and out over the hills we are talking about some warm conditions. 87 pittsburgh with 86 in livermore. the accuweather seven-day forecast then looking at temperatures continuing to warm another two to four degrees tomorrow. another cool town. that will take us through the middle of the week. partly cloudy skies, even breezy toward the end of the week. right there temperatures should be -- what is average for mid-to late may. we always kind of forget where it's supposed to be. >> yeah, because it is such a dramatic cool down. but you are saying those are the regular -- >> mid-70s is what we should be north and south end of the
5:50 am
bay. >> thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. it was a close one for the san jose sharks but they managed to keep their season alive. here's rick kwan with this morning's sports highlights. good morning. down three games to none in the western conference semifinals, san jose was facing a near must-win situation last night against the kings. let's go out to the tank. the sharks came out hungry. brad stuart delivers a big hit. just 1:34 in san jose gets on the board. dan boyle one-times it past jonathan quick. it's his second goal of the playoffs. still in the first. the kings answer. stuart turns the puck over. tyler beat ant them my. it was 1-all. and logan couture had to leave after he injured his leg going into the board. he would return and in overtime he put the hurt on the kings. he wins it with a power play goal. the sharks beat l.a. 2-1. they will try to even the series tuesday in the tank.
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>> we thought we were the better team and then we were down 2-0. this time being the better team out there doesn't do you any good. you have to win on the scoreboard. >> you are never really, really in trouble until you lose your first game at home. it's a big win. i thought everybody elevated their gamism thought our game management at that point of the night is as good as it's been all year. >> before the giants took on the rockies, the manager bruce bochy called a rare meeting to talk about the players' sloppy play of late. it didn't help. they made three more errors last night. this young lead was having a good time at coors field. the same could not be said for tim lincecum. he gets this off the bat, but then throws the ball away. how bad was it for timmy? he falls down just trying to make a pitch. only his prayed was hurry. still in the fourth rockies pitcher tyler singles up the minute. goes off lincecum's leg into center. make it 4-1. colorado had two more runs in
5:52 am
the fifth on this blast by wilin rosario. 10-2, the final. lincecum takes the loss, giving up 6 runs and 7 hits in five innings. it was star trek night at the coliseum. either that or those are raider fans. billy butler drops this bloop single into no man's land. alex gordon scores to make it 1-0. kansas city loaded the bases. but they get out of jam striking out escobar to get out of the inning. the sixth, brandon moss breaks out of a 4 for 30 slump to deep center. it brings home coco crisp. the a's edge 2-1. he gets the win snapping a personal five-game losing streak. that's it for sports. i'm rick kwan. have a great day. >> up next, the face-to-face
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>> this guy probably isn't worried about what he eats. check this out. a photographer set up his camera to shoot grizzlies bears in alaska for a documentary. sure enough, a curious young bear walks in the frame, sniffs the camera, paws at it and finally tries to eat it. as you can see in this youtube video. amazingly enough, the camera was not damaged. invasions in science, engineering and art are on display in san mateo this
5:56 am
weekend for a maker's fair. we aren't sure what that falls under. he covered his car with plastic fish and lob centers and sung the tune "i am the model of a modern major general." someone set this on fire perhaps a tribute to burning man. and inside flashing lights signified something important while a head without a body. you want to check all that out? the fair continues today. a cofonder of apple told cal graduates it's not about the money, it's about fulfillment. steve wozniack along with steve jobs founded the personal computer industry. spoke to nearly 4,000 grads at the stadium. he said happiness should be what we all strive for. >> you die if you have been running everything tight but another person is out on the streets homeless, telling jokes, having a fun time, who would you rather be when you are dying?
5:57 am
i decided i would rather be the fun easier. >> yeah, it's easier to have fun when you are worth as much as wozniack. he finished his degree at cal under an assumed name in 1986 after he was already worth more than $100 million. coming up next at six, we are just an hour away from the start of the bay to backers race. we will head live to the starting line with the new changes that will greet runners this year. and a power ball payday right here in the bay area. we will tell you which local store sold the ticket thought to be worth millions.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. thanks nor joining us on this sunday, may 19th. >> let's start with a quick look at our weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> clear and crisp out there. talking about temperatures on the cool side. lower 50s. it's going to be a beautiful afternoon with temperatures continuing to climb to above normal readings here. in san francisco numbers right around 60 degrees at 9:00 with mid-60s 11:00. and we are talking about temperatures in the upper 60s by 1:00. so we should be in the mid-60s normally so, yes, with a very light northwesterly winds for most of the morning hours. temperatures
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